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Honeycomb 5x3 Hanging Oil Holder (holds 15)

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Tired of taking up precious counter space with bulky essential oil holders? Or better yet do you stash away your precious oils in a case that is out of site so you have to dig it out every time you want to use your oils?

This design is a sleek and small hangable oil holder that can hold up to 5 oils. Its modern hex design complements any home or kitchen and allows your oils to be accessible.  

Includes 3 honeycomb hanging essential oil holders that each hold 5 for a total storage capacity of 15 essential oils.

PRODUCTION TIME: Ships out in 1-5 business days

DIMENSIONS: 2.2" x 2.2" x 8.15" each. Includes 3 holders. 

COLORS: Matte black, white, grey, tan, gold (shiny), copper (shiny), silver (shiny), purple, pink, green, lime, blue, sky, red, orange, yellow. Custom colors available for large orders.

TESTED PRODUCTS: We have tested the following essential oil brands and sizes. Other brands and sizes may fit, but we have only tested what is listed below.

dōTERRA: 5ml & 15ml
Young Living: 5ml & 15ml
Numa Essentials: 15ml
KidSafe By Plant Therapy: 10ml

ECO FRIENDLY: We care about the environment so all our essential oil holders are biodegradable with the exception of the metal rotating lazy Susan base which is recyclable.