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Diamond Essential Oil Holder (holds 8)

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Want an Essential Oil Holder that is sleek, cute, and homely? This design is our only product that has another use besides holding oils. You could put keys, jewelry, or whatever you need in the top of this attractive diamond oil holder,

The Rotating Diamond Shaped Essential Oil Holder 8 is a pretty and small oil holder where you can store jewelry and your favorite oils.

PRODUCTION TIME: Ships out in 1-5 business days

DIMENSIONS: 6.5" x 6.55" x 2.5" 

COLORS: Matte black, white, grey, tan, gold (shiny), copper (shiny), silver (shiny), purple, pink, green, lime, blue, sky, red, orange, yellow. Custom colors available for large orders.

TESTED PRODUCTS: We have tested the following essential oil brands and sizes. Other brands and sizes may fit, but we have only tested what is listed below.

dōTERRA: 5ml & 15ml
Young Living: 5ml & 15ml
Numa Essentials: 15ml
KidSafe By Plant Therapy: 10ml

ECO FRIENDLY: We care about the environment so all our essential oil holders are biodegradable with the exception of the metal rotating lazy Susan base which is recyclable.