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Unique & Sleek Designs


Now you don't need to dig through a drawer or bag for your oils. Our stylish towers have your essential oils out on display for your needs.


Not only do our essential oil holders provide ease of access to your essential oils, but our modern hex design accents kitchens beautifully. 


Our rotating tower holder makes accessing your essential oils easy and makes a perfect centerpiece for any table in your home.


A little about Holding Joy

We created Holding Joy essential oil holders because our family loves diffusing our oils, using them for massages or when we're sick, but we got tired of having to dig through our box or case of essential oils. So we decided to do something about it by designing essential oil holders that can rotate, be put in a corner or even hang on a wall. This made using our essential oils so much more convenient and its a great conversation piece when people are over. Get your Holding Joy essential oil holder today and see how fast you fall in love with it.

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